NEET Mock Test Series 2023 for free | Practice with Solutions

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NEET mock tests 2023 must be attempted by all the students who are preparing to appear for the NEET exam 2022. Lakhs of students from all over the country appear for NEET UG every year. The ratio of number of candidates has increased enormously in the past 5-6 years, and consequently, the competition has become extremely tough in NEET Exam. 

Neet mock test

Almost every student who opts for Biology in 11th and 12th Class also plans to appear for the NEET exam and eventually take admission in one of the best participating institutes, offering MBBS, BDS and AYUSH courses. Candidates can find NEET free Mock test papers in Pdf form on this website and they can easily download it to practice these NEET free Mock Test.

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Solving NEET Mock Test Papers is Very Important. Why ?

Getting ready for NEET test requires a lot of commitment. The applicants need to dominate All 4 Subjects- Physics Chemistry, Botony and Zoology.

Also, essentially doing that isn’t sufficient. We generally suggest that understudies really get to know the NEET 2023 test design so as not to waste through their time while endeavoring the Main test. Solving these NEET mock tests is one of the most incredible ways of testing one’s preparation.

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Reasons behind why candidate have to solve solve NEET free mock tests before appear for the main exam.

The couple of NEET mock tests help the candidates to revise the knowledge that they have so far gathered.

The candidates who are preparing for NEET should try these free NEET mock tests to check their knowledge.

These free NEET Mock Test get an idea of how prepared they are for the main examination.

The candidates will also understand the exam pattern of NEET while solving NEET mock tests to avoid guesswork, as it may result in negative markings.

This is a great way to check how much one knows. Candidate  will understand their strong points and work on their weak areas accordingly after attempting NEET mock tests .

The risk of missing out on any question will be minimized because sometimes, candidates complained that the paper was lengthy and therefore, they were not able to answer it during the exam. After attempting, these free Mock Test, they will have a idea of how much time they have to devote to one question.

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How to Download PDF of Latest NEET Free Mock Test

You can download the Latest NEET Free Mock Test pdfs from the following Link in the table

NEET Free Mock Tests Download PDFs
Mock Test 1Download
Mock Test 2Download
Mock Test 3Download
Mock Test 4Download
Mock Test 5Download
Mock Test 6Download
Mock Test 7Download
Mock Test 8Download
Mock Test 9Download

NEET Mock Test PDFs for Biology

NEET Biology Mock Test PapersDownload PDFs
NEET Biology Mock Test 1Download
NEET Biology Mock Test 2Download
NEET Biology Mock Test 3Download
NEET Biology Mock Test 4Download
NEET Biology Mock Test 5Download

NEET Mock Test PDFs for Physics

NEET Physics Mock Test PapersDownload PDFs
Mock Test for Physics – 1Download
Mock Test for Physics – 2Download
NEET Mock Test for Physics – 3Download
NEET Mock Test for Physics – 4Download
NEET Mock Test for Physics – 5Download
NEET Mock Test for Physics – 6Download
NEET Mock Test for Physics – 7Download
NEET Mock Test for Physics – 8Download

Step of Instruction

These test will be a 3 hours Test, Maximum Marks 720M.

These NEET Test consists of Questions of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology with equal weightage of 180 marks.

Each question is of 4 marks.

For each question 4 marks will be awarded for correct choice and 1 mark will be deducted for incorrect choice and zero mark will be awarded for unattempted question.

There are four parts in the question paper, consisting of

  1. Part-I Physics ( to 50)
  2. Part-II Chemistry ( to 100)
  3. Part-III Botany (Q. no. 101 to 150)
  4. Part-IV Zoology (Q. no.151 to 200).

Each part is divided into two Sections

  1. Section A consists of 35 multiple choice questions
  2. Section-B consists of 15 Multiple choice questions, out of these 15 questions candidates can choose to attempt any 10 questions.

There will be only one correct choice in the given four choices for each question.

Any textual, printed or written material, mobile phones, calculator etc. is not allowed for the students appearing for the test.

All calculations / written work should be done in the rough sheet provided.

You should also try to increase your sitting capacity i.e. More than 3 Hours. Long hours sitting capacity is very essential along with proper utilisation of your time . You will definitely develop your long hours sittings capacity by solving these NEET Free Mock Test Series.

1. How to gain more Marks in NEET Mock Test ?

Ans. Gain more marks in NEET Mock Tests is not a difficult task, it is very easy task. Do a Self-analysis of your strengths and weaknesses & note down all of your mistakes to avoid them in final exam.

2. What is NEET Mock Test ?

NEET Mock Test is a set of questions. These questions are prepared on the bases of real NEET Exam Syllabus and Pattern.


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