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Sociology is a discipline and social science that systematically studies society, human social behavior, and the patterns and structures that shape social interactions. It examines how individuals and groups interact, how societies are organized, and how social systems and institutions influence human behavior.

Sociology is a fascinating subject that helps us unravel the complexities of the social world we inhabit. In sociology class 12 we will embark on an exciting journey to understand society and the intricate web of human interactions that shape our lives.

In Sociology class 12 , We will explore a variety of sociological subjects including social institutions, socialisation, social stratification, culture, and social change. We will look at how these components affect our actions, define our identities, and affect how society functions as a whole.

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In Sociology class 12 , we will delve into various aspects of sociology, exploring topics such as social institutions, socialization, social stratification, culture, and social change. We will examine how these elements influence our behavior, shape our identities, and impact the overall functioning of society.

Through discussions, readings, and engaging activities, we will gain a deeper understanding of the theories, methods, and concepts used in sociology. We will explore the works of influential sociologists who have paved the way for our understanding of society, such as Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and many others.

Sociology Class 12 Notes Download

In Sociology Class 12, total numbers of chapter are 13. These chapters notes are prepared by our qualified teachers for the help of students reading in Class 12. These notes are as per syllabus. All the important topics are coved in these notes and explained in a very good manners. Student does not found any difficulties while learning from these notes.

Each chapter of Sociology Class 12 Notes consist of 5 section:

  • Notes of all Important Topics
  • Very short Answers Question
  • Short Answer Type Question
  • Long Answers Types Question
  • NCERT Textbook Question Answers

Sociology Class 12 Notes Download Pdfs

In the given below link, you can get the pdf of Sociology Class 12 Handwritten Notes

S.No.Chapter NameLink to Download
1The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society Get Here
2Social Institutions: Continuity and Change
3The Market as a Social Institution
4Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion
5The Challenges of Cultural Diversity
6Structural Change
7Cultural Change
8The Story of Indian Democracy
9Challenges and Development in Indian Society
10Challenges and Development in Industrial Area
11Globalization and Social Change
12Mass Media and Communication
13Social Movements

Why To Study From These Notes ?

  • These notes are prepared by best experienced teachers.
  • All the topics are covered in these notes perfectly.
  • Teachers have explained every topic in details.
  • We prefered these notes as one can get good marks by reading these notes


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