Class 10 Geography Handwritten Notes | Pdf download

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Hello students welcome again to a wonderful post where today you get Class 10 Geography Handwritten Notes Pdf download. is a leading educational website which offers good quality material to its students

Class 10 Geography Handwritten Notes
Class 10 Geography handwritten notes

When we take admission in 10th Class or any other class, the biggest problem is Notes. If you want to scored good marks in examination, then it is very important that we have good Handwritten notes from which we will revise and learn to scored good marks. As we all know making handwritten notes take lot of time and students are searching on internet for good handwritten Notes. But they don’t find good quality notes from which they learn and obtained good marks in examinations.

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If you are also searching on internet for Class 10 Geography Handwritten Notes, you are at the right place. All your search end here at our website NDJ Tuition. We provide Best Handwritten Notes for Class 10th Geography. We not only provide Class 10 Geography Handwritten Notes, we also provide Class 10th History, Political Science (Civics), Economics, Science and Mathematics Handwritten Notes. We have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physical Educations Handwritten Notes for Class 11th and 12th along with others notes.

In this post, you get Class 10 Geography Handwritten Notes for English medium students. These notes are based on NCERT and help for CBSE Board Students and other state board also. So read the complete post to download the pdfs of Class 10 Geography Handwritten Notes. You can get Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and other Chapter notes pdf free of cost to score good marks in examinations.

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Latest Syllabus of 10 Geography

Unit 1: Resources and Development

Resources: Types- Natural and Human; Need for Resource Planning; Concept of Sustainable Development.
Land Resources: Land Use; Land Degradation and Conservation Measures.
Forest and Wildlife Resources: Types and Distribution; Causes and Consequences of Deforestation; Conservation of Forest and Wildlife.
Water Resources: Sources, Distribution, Utilization, and Conservation of Water.
Agriculture: Types of Farming, Cropping Pattern, and Major Crops.

Unit 2: Contemporary India-II

Manufacturing Industries: Types, Factors of Location, and Distribution.
Minerals and Energy Resources: Types, Distribution, Utilization, and Conservation.
Transportation: Types, Means and Importance, and Major Corridors.
Communication: Means and Importance.
International Trade: Major Ports and Trade Routes.

Unit 3: Democratic Politics-II

Power-sharing Mechanisms in Democracy: Forms of Power-sharing, and Accommodation of Social Diversity.
Federalism: Meaning and Features, and Decentralization in India.
Democracy and Diversity: Majoritarianism, and Measures to Reduce Social and Economic Inequalities.
Gender, Religion, and Caste: Equality and Empowerment.
Popular Struggles and Movements: Role of Movements, and Pressure Groups.

Unit 4: Understanding Economic Development

Development: Meaning and Indicators.
Sectors of the Economy: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sectors.
Money and Credit: Role of Money in an Economy, and Formal and Informal Credit.
Globalization and Indian Economy: Foreign Trade and International Economic Organisations.
Consumer Rights: Role of Consumers in the Economy, and Consumer Protection.

Class 10 Geography Handwritten Notes | Contemporary World-II | Chapter wise Notes pdf download

NDJ Tuition provide you Class 10 Geography Chapter-wise notes. These notes are really helpful for all the students studying in Class 10. We know the importance of Notes at the time of cbse exam and revision. That’s way we provide these notes to you. Topics covered in Class 10 Geography are Resources and Development, Forest and Wildlife, Water Resources, Agriculture, Mineral and Energy Resources, Manufacturing Industries, Lifeline of Indian Economy and Others.

We have provided all chapters Handwritten Notes for Class 10th Geography. Hope you all download these handwritten Notes. You can also visit our website NDJ Tuition for others notes. If you have any queries/doubt regarding notes, you can drop a comment in comment box below. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

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